Garden design with a colourful and sustainable emphasis.

Native plants to suit your requirements and meld in with the surrounding landscape.

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Whether you have an existing garden, have recently built or are planning to build a new home, every design begins with the initial consultation on site (or over the phone, as preferred - coupled with photographs).

The initial meeting could be the first step in preparing a detailed garden design or it could be a simple consultation with you to discuss ways to enhance your existing garden: advice on incorporating native plants, landscaping ideas, or even ideas for adding green touches to your interior!


This is the best time to express your requirements and the overall feel of your new garden.


Felicity will send you a quick survey to complete which will help to ascertain your preferences.

After the consult an initial design brief and a design fee proposal will be provided.


Felicity will prepare moodboards to convey the style and key elements of the design. Once the overall feeling of the garden design is established, the concept design process will be commenced.


The main output is a scaled concept bird's eye view plan and preliminary planting scheme.

Hard and soft surfaces will be represented with reference images to help create a picture of the overall design and finishes.

Conceptual sections & elevations showing key area of the design can also be created (optional) for an enhanced understanding of construction elements and form.

During this stage a 3D conceptual design can also be prepared, to aid in visualising the landscape spaces. Although this is an optional item, we recommend it for all projects. 

All optional services will be itemised in the fee proposal and examples can be provided to aid in selecting the appropriate design package.

The concept plan can be used for those who wish to undertake the garden in stages, in a DIY approach. Otherwise, Flosski Studio suggests progressing to a detailed design development stage (below).


Final drawings are created in preparation for tendering the project. These drawings include details, dimensions, details of suppliers & fabricators, and further drawings to clarify the design intent in for any further detailing by a structural engineer, architect or craft-person (if required). 


This stage provides all the construction plans, elevations and specification documentation from which to tender and build.

All landscape surfaces will be specified, with surface levels noted. A landscape lighting scheme noting each light’s position and fitting.

A planting scheme with detailed schedule will be prepared, noting quantities and basic maintenance detailing.  



Flosski Studio will prepare and submit all the plans and documentation to the governing bodies for any permits required; ensuring the design will accord with all council requirements.


Once the design development is complete Flosski Studio will recommend experienced landscape contractors to provide you with a construction quotation. We will use our expertise to ensure the best quality installation, to fit your budget. 


Felicity will liaise with the landscaper to ensure a quotation is delivered quickly. Alternatively if you wish to complete the project yourself or have a landscaper we will be happy to work with them.




Once a landscape contractor is selected Flosski Studio is available to consult and oversee the construction of your garden (in person or virtually), to ensure it meets the vision of the designer and you, the client.


A fee proposal for this design supervision will be presented to you before construction.


This service includes site visits at major points of the construction, as well as continual availability to discuss aspects via phone or email. This will ensure the design integrity of the project, creating the best final result. We see everything is delivered as promised and as quoted.

Flosski Studio is also able to hand-select plants and oversee the planting aspects of the design (for Melbourne-based clients).


High level ideas may be provided for those DIY clients who are hands-on and are interested in doing some or all of the work themselves.


This is pretty much shopping. This can be fun. But if you're not so keen, Flosski Studio gladly do it for you.


Furniture, bird-baths, pots, barbecues, screens, light fittings, etc. - Flosski will track down the most lovely designs.


We can provide a complete outdoor look to suit your preferences and budget (or help you track down or commission that perfect piece!).


The newly installed landscape will flourish and evolve over time.


Gardens need a fair bit of TLC though during the establishment stage. Flosski Studio provides a maintenance program and works with qualified contractors to guide the garden to maturity with the original design intent intact. We will also provide ongoing low-maintenance solutions for you to enjoy your garden throughout the seasons.

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Front garden moodboard - Officer - Floss
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A3 concept plan sculpture - Officer - 20
Nth Adelaide - A3 front perspectives  -
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View to long table setup
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Front garden site plan -Instagram image.
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Moodboard - Brighton  - Flosski
Babra Encaustic Schots - 3d perspective
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Elwood draft design2 render
Autumn vibes in the front garden 🍁🍂🍃�
Entry area archway